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Panel Discussion on the Raw Food Lifestyle

Published 2009

Panel discussion given on December 3, 2009 in Berkeley, CA. Organized by the Oakland Raw Food Meetup.

Initial announcements and introductions are given by Darcy Crosman, the founder of the meetup.


Five members of our community will be discussing various aspects of the raw food life style. Many of us would like to know more about the benefits of raw food and necessity of cleansing and fasting, colonics, super foods, and what we need to know to successfully transition into the winter on a raw food diet. Each will briefly discuss one of these areas and there will be plenty of time for questions and answers. Plus I happen to know there will be many in the audience who will be able to contribute the considerable knowledge they have in these areas.

Ben will be giving out free samples of his Chocolate Bliss and we will also have a refreshment stand with delicious raw food entrees and hors d’oeuvre type dishes by raw food chef Nikki Gilmore and dessert by Sergey. Their dishes will be available at affordable prices.
As we get closer, I may be able to give you more of what they will be offering. We will be going from 6:30-9:30 p.m.

There will be no meet up fee for this meet up.

Here's who will be on the panel and what they will discuss:
Suzanne Black speaking about the benefits of fasting- from her own recent experience of a retreat.
Katya Baxter will speak a little about transitioning into a raw food life style and the need for colonics
Ben Child will talk about his experience as a raw food chef in Reno and about the superfood diet he is on now
Marianne Bridgeman will be talking about what to eat on a raw food diet during the winter.
Heather Haxo Phillips will be addressing easy tips on staying raw during the winter.

Nikki will serve the kind of food that will help us all stay raw during the winter.

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